Third years swim out and find missing drone in the middle of the lake

Some heroes don’t wear capes – just trunks

The story that gripped Nottingham for over six hours came to a dramatic conclusion yesterday after three heroes swam deep into the lake to rescue Leo Lightfoot’s downed drone.

Adam Wilkins, George Herrick and James Giblin battled against adversity to recover the drone, which was presumed to be lost forever in the murky depths of Uni Park’s lake.

George, James and Adam pose triumphantly in the lake

All hopes for recovery were abandoned as many tried and failed in canoes before the legendary three, dressed only in a pair of swimming trunks, braved the cold temperatures to liberate the drone from its watery grave.

Once discovered it was raised triumphantly in the air to cheers from the onlooking crowd in scenes more astonishing than Leicester City’s Premier League title victory.

The lads returned to the shore with the drone, an enormous sense of pride, and probably a nasty case of diarrhoea.

Speaking to The Tab, James Giblin, a humble man of few words, said: “Fortune favours the brave.”

Naturally Leo Lightfoot was delighted that his drone, cruelly knocked out of the sky by a passing bird, had been salvaged by the group of third years.

The rescuers swam all the way out to this spot

Last night Leo said: “I went and picked it up last night and put the SD card in rice so hopefully I might be able to get the footage back.

“I think the drone is dead. I haven’t tried to turn it on because it will short circuit so I might get it checked out.

“It’s such good banter. The boys who found it are legends, I owe them all a pint.”