Andy Hoe warns against fake Ocean tickets

There’s been a wave of forgeries

Andy Hoe has sent out a warning about fake Ocean tickets after a spate of knock-offs were received by the club last week.

Most of the people who tried to gain entry with the bogus tickets claimed to have bought them off the buy/sell ticket forum.

One of the fake tickets

While the fakes are very easy to identify for Andy Hoe and the team, it can be harder for those who are not used to owning an elusive official Ocean ticket.

The easiest ways to spot a counterfeit ticket are though the SECURE print which should be bright gold and metallic as opposed to black and dull, as well as the perforation which is likely to be flimsy and split on a fake.

Other indicators are if the print is washed out, it looks old or screwed up, and if it feels like regular paper instead of the thicker, shinier feel of the authentic tickets.

This isn’t the first time that fraudsters have tried to make money out of phoney tickets, as Andy confessed that someone tried this a few years ago, but was duly banned from Ocean after being rumbled.

Posting on buy/sell, the King of Ocean said: “Just a quick word of warning, last week we had quite a few fake tickets come back to the club on Friday night. Most of the people with them claimed to have bought them off this page, so just be careful.

“If you are buying a ticket, and aren’t sure it’s legit, ask the seller if they mind taking a photo and sending it to me to check. Pretty sure that’ll put them off.”

If you see any Ocean fakes floating around, contact Andy with a photo along with the name of the person who sold it to you.