Third year’s laptop and dissertation stolen after burglars broke into her house

They stole games consoles, a TV, a phone and even her purse

A Law third year is appealing for her possessions to be returned after burglars stole over £2000 worth of belongings from her home while she slept upstairs.

Elizabeth Breeze, who lives in Dunkirk with her boyfriend, is now living in hope that her MacBook Pro containing her dissertation will be handed back or she will have almost everything since August.

Elizabeth and her boyfriend Oliver

The thieves broke in during the early hours of Wednesday morning, stealing three laptops, three games consoles with games, a 32″ television, an iPhone 4s and even her black purse. They also spitefully dumped Elizabeth’s backpack, wallet, and the couples’ passports in the back yard and left overnight in the rain.

Elizabeth now feels unsafe in her own home and is pleading for people to keep an eye out for anyone selling her belongings and to make sure their houses are properly secured at night.

The final year Law LLB student said: “I went to bed around midnight on Tuesday and everything was normal. My boyfriend woke up around 10 and went downstairs and realised that the TV was gone, all our stuff had been gone through and the back sliding door was open.

Footprints where the burglars entered

“While we were sleeping someone came through the back path to our house and managed to unlock the back door. It’s our fault as we didn’t double lock it that night, but they essentially took everything. My laptop, which had all my notes and memories from welcome week (I was a coordinator) and most importantly my dissertation.

“My boyfriend had his laptop stolen, the TV his grandfather left him when he passed away, his Xbox, his back up drive, all the games we bought each other for Christmas and the Xbox One our friend lent us while he’s on his year abroad.

“While losing that stuff is really upsetting, it’s more upsetting that these people were in our home while we were asleep and we had no idea. It’s just scary and super unsettling.”

CSI found these fingerprints

Elizabeth called the police who quickly sent over an officer and a crime scene investigator who dusted and took prints. The insurance claim is estimated to be upwards of £2000, but the likelihood is most of the possessions will not be replaced.

Elizabeth said: “We’re trying to make the most out of the situation because we’re both the kind of people who like to make jokes, but it’s kinda rough when you get that sense of safety in your own home taken away.

“I can remember a lot of my dissertation as it’s a topic I’m passionate about but at the moment I’m feeling a bit screwed. It’s amazing, you don’t realise how much you have to lose until it actually happens and you have to add it all up.

The couple no longer feel safe in their own home

“I lived on Derby Road last year and never had an issue even though everyone said Lenton was the prime area for burglaries and I always felt really safe in Dunkirk. This is our first place together and were really proud of it and love it and these people came in and took some of that from us.”

If you know anything about this incident or see any of Elizabeth’s belongings then please contact the police or The Tab immediately.