The Varsity Darts drinking game

You’ll be three darts to the wind after this

Varsity Darts is all about the sporting prowess, the fierce competition, the will power that separates mere mortals from the Gods of throwing metal.

But it’s also about consuming copious amounts of alcohol surrounded by your biggest rivals. For those that don’t manage to get kicked out before the contest starts, this drinking game is the perfect way to combine your love of darts with your thirst for booze.

The Darts

  • When the announcer says: “Lets play darts” – Drink until the first turn is over
  • 180 – Down your drink
  • Checkout – Drink as many fingers as it takes to checkout
  • Bullseye – Shot in the eye
  • 9 Darter – Drink until you chunder
  • Less than 40 – 2 fingers
  • Misses the board – 3 fingers
  • Dart bounces out of the board – 2 fingers
  • Misses a chance to checkout – 1 finger each time
  • Misses all three darts – 3 fingers

The Crowd

  • When you don’t understand what’s going on – Drink until you can’t see the board anymore
  • When a player drinks their pint – Drink the same amount
  • When you hear the Yaya-Kolo Toure chant – Strawpedo a VK
  • When someone mentions Michael Van Gerwen – Drink a pint of Heineken
  • When someone mentions Phil Taylor – Drink a pint of ale
  • When you see someone dressed as Super Mario – Drink a pint of Peroni
  • When the half time entertainment is shit – Drink until it seems good
  • When Trent inevitably start a brawl – Down your drink and get stuck in
  • When someone gets kicked out – Last person to see off their drink buys the next round
  • When Ben ‘Countdown’ Clark takes his top off – Last one to take their top off downs their drink

Look out for when Countdown (right) takes his top off

The Varsity

  • Trent win a match – 3 fingers and the tears that fall in your drink
  • Notts win a match – 4 fingers
  • When Trent start singing: “I’d rather be a poly than a cunt” – Two fingers to Trent and your drink
  • When Notts sing: “Your Dad works for my Dad” – Make your Dad proud and see off your double pint
  • Trent win Varsity – Finish off your beverage and leave to drown your sorrows in Ocean before it gets nasty
  • Notts win Varsity – Throw your drink in the air and celebrate with the squad

Let’s play darts.