NNT Fringe: Letting Go

How would you cope without your loved one during the war?

This is one of many questions behind Georgina Varley’s haunting play. The issue of love separated by war has been done many times before, but not like this. Your jaw will drop in shock by Varley’s twisted love story.

We meet the childishly endearing Kitty (Olivia Rook) and Jack Fisher (Omid Faramarzi) in 1940s Britain.

Their young love must deal with not only the trials of World War One but also Kitty’s insufferable brother Charlie, played by the brilliant Ricki Crook. All three characters at some point must ‘let go’.

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Your jaw will drop in shock at Varley’s love story

Despite the dark undertones, Matt Standern shines as Harry Lacey, the drunken solider whose stupor brings a hilarity that you wouldn’t usually find in a war play of this nature. In the end, however, it’s a play with two clearly defined characters: Jack, who Varley characterises with a relatable mix of innocence and fear, and his nemesis Charlie, whom Ricki Crook plays as a figure of complexity and  nastiness.

Due to the narrative focus on the two male leads, Kitty’s character was one-dimensional and it was difficult to be emotionally drawn to her despite her emotive scenes.


Don’t miss the final performance of Letting Go tonight at 7.30pm

The play was fantastically understated. Varley hides little narrative clues throughout, leaving you thinking “I didn’t see that coming…or perhaps I did!” The closing scene was the highlight of the play – it was greatly acted by Olivia and Omid and left you wishing the play was half an hour longer!

A well-written play that gives a much needed makeover to the war-romance genre. Letting Go is a play that should not be missed.

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