Nottingham’s Student Nightlife Guide

Where can I go on a Thursday? Is Oceana really the place to be on a Monday? Why would I Fuck Hip Hop? Don’t panic people, we’re here to help.

Where can I go on a Thursday? Is Oceana really the place to be on a Monday? Why would I Fuck Hip Hop?

Don’t worry, all these questions will be answered by The Tab’s guide to Nottingham Nightlife!

Never again will you lie awake at night, fretting about where your next watered-down Jagerbomb will come from or wondering what your friends will say if you haven’t spent half of your student loan on early-morning McDonalds.

It’s going to be a big year and this guide will help you every drunken stumble of the way…


Vice at Cocotang

No denim shorts or converse in sight, Cocotang is by far the “classiest” student night in Nottingham. Start the week off in style with some delicious cocktails and house music. The Tab recommends the Bakewell Tart.

image (4)

A barrel of laughs at Coco Tang

TFIM at Oceana

With its sprawling staircases and huge variety of rooms, Oceana Nottingham is just like any other Oceana: disconcertingly large. When you inevitably lose your friends in this massive club, feel free to go on your own disco/R’n’B/ cheesy adventure.


Never, EVER to be mistaken for Ocean.


Fuck Hip Hop at Market Bar

Once you’ve got through the queue, Market Bar Tuesdays can get pretty messy. Their giant fishbowls are legendary, though, and after a few drinks you won’t mind dancing in such a confined space.

fuck hip hop

But I don’t want to fuck hip hop….

Gin and Juice at Rescue Rooms

Gin and Juice sells out weeks in advance but for good reason. If you want a chance of getting in, make sure you’ve got good BNOC contacts. Old school R’n’B and hip hop at its best.


Usually held at Rescue Rooms or Pitcher and Piano.


Crisis at Rock City

With rugby BNOCs strutting around in underwear and lax girls shedding feathers left right and centre, Crisis is a guaranteed to be a messy night that you’ll be glad you won’t remember. 

The must-go of Nottingham clubs, Crisis doesn’t pretend to be the cleanest of venues, but the big-screen Jagerbomb count will more than make up for that.


Careful on the stairs! Notoriously unstable.


4play at Forum

Forum, everyone’s favourite basement, hosts the official Karni night so expect plenty of cheesy tunes and horny freshers. Bouncers have got plenty of banter too, which isn’t always the case…


Going underground…

Dive at Market bar

Edgy kids get your edgiest outfit and pout ready for the edgiest photos you’ll be tagged in at Uni. Pack your snapbacks and your pair of 90s Nike Air Max trainers.

image (3)

I’m a Bar to diiiiive in

Gold Teeth at Bodega

Gold Teeth is popular with the London lot. There’s plenty of garage and hip hop to keep you gangsta wannabes happy while the smoking area is the place to be seen, no matter how cold it gets. Smooth.

gold teeth

Grills welcome.


The Big O at Ocean

Hopefully Nottingham’s favourite club will be smelling fresher this year with its new carpet. Boys, make sure Friday is abs day at the gym because when the Baywatch song drops the girls will be ripping those tight v necks right off.

The daddy of Notts nights out, tickets for the final Ocean of the year reportedly sell out nine months in advance…

image (1)

Another dip in the Ocean

Bopp at Pandora’s box

Rather than jumping around to One Direction and Carley Ray Jepson in Ocean, you can do some proper dad dancing to some old school Motown and classic rock and roll in Pandora’s box.


Self proclaimed ‘hippest night in Nottingham’. How bad can it be?

dollop. at Stealth

And if cheese or old classics aren’t your thing and electronic dubstep stuff is, head down to Stealth.

stealth big



Stealth vs Rescue Rooms

Saturday nights are generally reserved for scary locals but Rescue Rooms will keep you on your toes with some classic floor fillers. With loads of gigs and happy hour lasting until 10, this is one of Nottingham’s most popular venues.

rescue rooms

Rescue Rooms


Pub quiz at the Ropewalk from 9pm

If you have any brain cells left after a week of partying, go and challenge them at the pub quiz at the Ropewalk


Slightly more relaxed