Notts Shaken, Not Stirred

The Top 5 Harlem Shakes of Nottingham

31 seconds of sheer madness is currently going viral over Youtube. So the Tab decided to compile a short ‘Top 5’ of the recent Harlem Shakes in and around Notts Uni.

With 4,000 Harlem Shakes being uploaded daily, this meme has become a temporary, but global, phenomenon. Easy to replicate and easy to personalise, it’s no surprise that halls and houses in Notts have been uploading their own versions of this new craze.

These are the 5 shakes that have been circulating social media over the last few days.

5. NTU Shake

NTU Freshers at Sandby Hall come in at number 5. Whilst this shake is the least professional looking of the shakes in this list, points have been given for the other ‘visual elements’ to this video. Interpret that as you wish.

Although, this is probably the only time in which you’ll see a Trent student reading a book.

4. Kimbo Shake

In at number 4, is Kimbolton Avenue. These ex-Rutland hall residents of Britain’s “most burgled street” try something more low-key in the kitchen:

Big shout out to Kevin G who manages to eat a banana in the process.

3. Hugh Stu Harlem Shake

In at number 3, R blockers from Hugh Stewart Hall get naked (Relatively) in the JCR. Extra points are given for the nudity on display here, but the Tab advises them to keep it on the ‘down-low’ as their chatty porter Steve would have an aneurysm if he saw this video.

2. NUCU Shake

The Nottingham University Christian Union kick start their ‘It Starts Here’ week with a Harlem shake in B63, LASS. They show themselves to be less reserved than the friendly faces with custard creams and crumpets outside Crisis as they literally go crazy in this shake:

Look out for a dry-humping Spiderman.

1. Trent Building Shake

In at number one is the Trent Building shake. Take a look at our original article on what happened at the shake here.


If you’ve been getting involved with this ridiculous – but hilarious – dance craze then get in touch with the Tab and show us your take on the shake.