Here are the best places to buy house plants in Norwich

We’ll make a plant parent of you yet

If lockdown 2.0 has you struggling to find life’s meaning as days spent orbiting your bed, desk and the fridge blur into a void, then I have good news for you. House plants are an ideal way to take back control, infuse meaning into your life and make your less-than-loved student room look like a magical botanist’s dreamscape – all without dropping too much cash, or violating any lockdown rules. Although a couple of these places have closed their doors for lockdown, all of them have functioning websites; get clicking and have some plant babies sent to your door!

Interested? Read on to discover all of the best places in Norwich for you to get your house plants:


Hailed as one of the most aesthetically-pleasing shops in the whole of Norwich, Elm is home to a stunning range of plants. Even though it has closed its doors until lockdown is lifted, their website and blogs are just as beautiful as their shop windows. They truly have a plant for everyone, even if your thumb is about as green as the sky. If your parenting type is of the more neglectful variety, a bouquet of Elm’s dried flowers could be ideal for you, as they will never need a water! If your room is a bit pokey but you still have love to give, a filled terrarium needs watering once a week, but thrives away from direct sunlight.

Bo-Tanical Norwich

Usually found among the Norwich Market, Bo-Tanical now has a fully-functioning website for all your leafy needs. Perfect for an eco-warrior, all goods are sent in zero plastic packaging, with tape made from paper and loose fill made from starch that’s dissolvable in water. Bo-Tanical restock their website every Sunday at 7pm, so get checking for gorgeous hanging plants and accessories. I don’t know about you, but I NEED one of their mini plant houses for my windowsill.

Taverham Nursery

Although it’s not in the city centre, Taverham Nursery is classed as a garden centre so it’s open during lockdown until 5:30pm every day! *bursts into tears of joy* If you’re after some super affordable plants that you can handpick in person, this is the place for you. They specialise in flowers, so if you’re a fan of colourful bouquets this is not to be missed. The customer service is also great, and if you’re a first time plant parent be sure to ask for some advice.

Leslie Terrance

Leslie Terrance plant shop prides themselves on selling rare and unusual house plants, so if you appreciate the kooky things in life, your dream plant baby could be waiting for you here on their website, or even in person if that’s how you roll as they are remaining open. Their wide range of plants and soils are exciting and affordable, and for the more boujee among you, they have some incredible make-your-own terrarium kits they promise will “beat the lockdown blues”. My personal favourite feature is the themed “Mystery Boxes” they sell, which range from surprise succulents to a whole Plant Parent Starter Kit – there’s something for all stages of your parenting journey. They also sell upcycled troll dolls with succulents for hair??? Idk but I respect the artistry on show.

Your local supermarket

You may initially turn your nose up at this suggestion, but the plant ranges found at supermarkets dotted around the student area are not to be taken lightly. The place where you buy the loaf of bread you’ll live on for a week might just have an ideal houseplant, or at least a pretty pot to plant it in. I personally took inspiration from these students in Manchester, who bought a basil plant from their local Morrison’s, only for it to become a tree in less than a year. I planted my own mint plant in Hector (a hedgehog mug from Asda), and fully intend it to outgrow him in the same amount of time. Asda sells a wide range of animal-themed mugs and herbs, and all I’m saying is… I can’t promise my house won’t be home to an ark of animals growing herbs come December.