UEA is offering free COVID-19 tests to students

Their aim is to limit the asymptomatic transmission of the virus

The University of East Anglia is offering free COVID-19 tests to all students, whether they live on or off campus. They are also being offered to staff who regularly visit campus.

The tests are intended for those not showing symptoms, with the aim of reducing asymptomatic transmission to the Norwich and UEA communities. They will be separate from the national COVID-19 testing, so will not affect their capacity.

In an email sent to all UEA students, five steps are outlined with more information available through the UEA Portal.

The email said: “Step One: Sign Up. You will be asked to create an account and provide some basic details including contact information. For security reasons, if you are off campus you must sign-up and connect using the University’s VPN. 

“Step Two: Collect a test kit. You will receive a direct email inviting you to collect a test kit from outside CareerCentral on campus. Please do not collect a test kit until you are emailed. 

“Step Three: Link your account to your test box. Enter the unique test code on the test kit box into the account you created. 

“Step Four: Take the test and return it. Take the swab test on the day indicated on the test box, following the instructional video. Return your test to CareerCentral on the same day. 

“Step Five: Get your result. Receive your result within 48 hours via the account system.”

UEA asks all students going for a test to find the CareerCentral building on the campus map, follow all signage, wear a face covering and socially distance to ensure the safety of the process.