Every type of post you’ll see on UEA’s Yik Yak

We rounded up examples of every sort of post you’ll find on the UEA Yik Yak

With Yik Yak bringing back the option to post without a handle and the hot page it seems Yik Yak’s golden days are back. For those who didn’t have the pleasure of experiencing it last year, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We’ve got examples of every type of Yak you’ll see at UEA.

Political Yaks

There’s always one who wants to start a political debate; whether they are mildly racist and sexist, Alt Righter or nutty Commie, they’re always there waiting. So no Green Spade, I don’t care if you want to bring down the Bourgeoisie in glorious revolution and neither Grey Map do I want to hear about how you think modern Feminism is evil.


Thanks mate.


Essex Jokes

UEA’s rivalry with Essex is quite one sided – just look at our Derby Day record for proof. Due to this Essex is often the butt of many a UEA student’s jokes – these jokes are abundant, so get ready to see lots and lots of them.



Students looking for drugs

Probably not the best place to procure your favourite illegal substances, but hey, who are we to judge? You’ll see a lot of these near exam season with students looking for ways to relax or help them concentrate on their work. All with varying degrees of success.

Try down the hall.

Pugs not drugs kids.


The pun master

Another type of joke in abundance are puns. Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay. They’ll make you cringe and they’ll make you laugh (we won’t tell anyone).

I see what you did there.

I see what you did there.


People hating on the SU

UEA SU often provokes a…mixed response. Things like Sombrerogate haven’t exactly given UEA and its union the best image. It’s something they haven’t really lived down to be honest and they often get reminded of it on Yik Yak.




Yik Yaks every student relates to

These are the Yaks which help students, reminding you that you’re not alone with your summative essay, your report due the next morning or in this case, how your presentation went terribly.

Get outta my swamp.

Get outta my swamp.


Students looking for a hookup

Yik Yak reaches a certain time when things become strange to say the least. You’ll find students of all orientations looking to procure themselves sex by various means.

Classy UEA. Classy.

Classy UEA. Classy.

So that’s it – our guide to every type of Yak you’ll find at UEA. Have fun Yakking.