Two Norwich Scumbags Jailed for Beating up their Pregnant Girlfriends

Two local men from Norwich have been jailed after assaulting their pregnant girlfriends after arguing over cheese and tobacco.

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Two Norwich locals have been jailed after assaulting their pregnant girlfriends during arguments over cheese and tobacco.

Sean Villars, 20, and Lewis Marshall, 18, were put in prison yesterday by the Norwich Magistrates Court. 

Both men pleaded guilty to an assortment of criminal damage and assault charges dating back to November, last year.


Serial offender, Sean Villars was jailed for 22 weeks after punching his 4 months pregnant girlfriend in the stomach, after a dispute over cheese and tobacco.


After the assault which took place November 4th last year, Villars moved out of the couple’s shared residence and into a house with his mother. He then proceeded to assault his own mother on February 7th by pinning her against a fridge.

Villars pleaded guilty to two counts of assaults and has been convicted of both charges.


Lewis Marshall was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison for grabbing his girlfriend, who was 5 months pregnant, by the throat during an argument.


The woman was believed to have stood in front of their new television to protect it as Marshall threw crockery, plates and a kettle during a drunken outburst.


Marshall was charged with one count of assault after pinning his girlfriend to the wall before storming out of the residence on January 28th. He was also convicted of three counts of criminal damage.

To report incidences of domestic abuse, please contact the Norfolk Police through 999 or 101 in an emergency.