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Vote for Fallowfield’s Fittest: Heat Three

Feast your eyes on the crème de la crème of Manchester’s students

Easter fitties incoming! To make up for round two's sausage fest we've provided you with a third round full of Easter huns.

Get voting for who you want to see in the final.

Tara Beaseley, Business and Spanish, UoM

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If you're not already blinded by Tara's beauty, her sickening highlight will do the trick


Tara is the Fittest in Fallowfield because "this bumble bee is a bundle of joy with banging tits to match – not only that – she's a sporty spice (plays lacrosse) and knows how to handle a stick and balls."

Lucy Nixon, UoM

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Not only has lucy got a stunning bod, she's also got a really nice garden


Lucy deserves the crown because simply, she is "small, hot and spicy". She's also the vice-captain of the UoM Cheerleaders.

Ossie, Architecture, First Year

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We think Ossie's fav colour might be purple

Ossie exemplifies fitness because she is a "jokes girl with morals as high as her. One personality I can trust and do absolutely nothing with."

Sophia Bingham, Third Year, Theological Studies in Philosophy + Ethics

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Sophia always stays hydrated

"Not only is Sophia incredibly stunning, she's also one of the funniest, most down to earth girls I know" said Sophia's nominee. She deserves to win because "she's an absolute 11/10 from her wicked sense of humour to her cracking tits."

Oh, and her name is pronounced like "so-fire" not "so-phee-ah'.