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Best dressed at Warehouse Project: Kurupt FM edition

Ravin’ ‘n misbehavin’ in style

If you've ever been to Warehouse Project – you'll know that it's not just a place to get your boogie on, it's also somewhere to release your inner fashion guru. If the great DJ's on every night aren't enough reason to attend WHP, then being able to wear literally anything your heart desires should be. The pics of these groovy ravers will have you buying a ticket and pulling your brightest clothes out ASAP.

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Comfort as well at style is the key here. Nobody wants to wear clothes that restrict their all night dancing. But, you still need to look cool AF. These girls have killed it.

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Don't let the portaloo background take away from these girls get-up. Whilst contrasting in style, they are both effortlessly chic.

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These besties seem to have colour co-ordinated their outfits to make them look like a girl band and it looks fab. Extra points for sparkly clothes.

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It was this girl's (right) first time at WHP and she was worried she was overdressed. GIRL, do you not know it is physically impossible to be overdressed at WHP? You looked amazing!

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Saving the best for last, these three absolutley smashed WHP style. Making you feel like you've been transported back to more fashionable times. Love it!

There were no boys worthy of best dressed, so lads – you really need to step up your game.

If this has made you NEED to attend a WHP, then grab a ticket here.