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A Fallowfield bouncer is fundraising on FSG for the funeral of his brother Tyrone Mulinde

After Tyrone was fatally stabbed last month, William Rukongwa is looking to fundraise for his funeral

After 20 year old Tyrone Mulinde was fatally stabbed on George Street in Bridgewater on October 20th, his brother William Rukongwa reached out on Fallowfield Students Group last week asking for support.

William is known as a local bouncer in the Fallowfield area and is calling on students to help crowd-fund for his cause.

The family have stated "the funds we are raising is to help assist with Funeral costs to repatriate his body to Uganda", while urging people to donate via their GoFundMe page.

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In this post on FSG, William said: "Me and my family are really struggling to process this loss and the way in which he was taken from us makes it even harder.

"Tyrone leaves behind a 3-month old baby and a loving partner, his Father, his Mother, Grandparents".

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On November 4th, one man and and one woman were charged with the murder of Tyrone and are due to appear in Taunton Magistrates' Court on the 12th.