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Picking up is over, there is now an app that delivers your drugs straight to your door

DrinkDoctor is changing the game

Manchester has an illustrious history of technological innovations- the birth of the first computer, the breakthrough of splitting the first atom; and now?

You can now purchase alcohol and legal party drugs via this app, DrinkDoctor, which deliver supplies to your door 24/7: and surprisingly, this practice is fully legal. What a time to be alive.

Long gone are the days of rushing to a corner shop to buy a hip flask of Glen’s Vodka and some own brand lemonade with your last crumpled £10 note, instead students are favouring PayPal from the comfort of their own homes.

DrinkDoctor allows you to purchase an array of alcohol and drugs and get it delivered straight to your student house, with a mere delivery cost of £2.50. Selling NOS cannisters, poppers, tobacco, and even high end alcoholic spirits if you're feeling fancy. That's right, students have truly peaked in laziness.

DrinkDoctor also offers party bundles with prices to rival that Lidl own brand vodka you've been saving for an emergency, with four bottles of alcohol including mixers and shots for £38.00. That's one way to celebrate your student loan finally dropping.

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Our own National Drug Survey conducted that a whopping 74% of Manchester students partake in NOS balloons, which are now the seventh most popular drug in the world. Legal drugs such as poppers and NOS balloons are rapidly taking over the humble student house party.

Although it’s not the kind of business one would stumble across on Dragon’s Den or The Apprentice, the ingenuity of it is undoubted. Placing an order through an app with a couple of clicks appeals directly into the student lifestyle; and this business is only expanding.

Although prices of spirits may be debatable (an average of £20 for a bottle of gin may send you running back to the local shop), an easy access to alcohol, legal party drugs and smoking supplies knits itself perfectly into lazy student culture, if you're willing to splash out.