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A new petition to make the Monday after Parklife a bank holiday has been accepted

All it took was a little re-wording

We all wondered what would happen next after the first petition was rejected, leaving many disheartened.

But in true determination and grit Sacha Lord, co-owner of Parklife came back with a new petition and with 1,655 signatures it may go through to Parliament.

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In a statement to The Tab Manchester, co-founder Sacha Lord, said "I've always thought it's a strain on the economy to have so many bank holidays next to each other.

"We have a four day weekend at Easter, then two more bank holidays so close to each other in May.

"With Parklife now the largest metropolitan festival to take place in the country, we are petitioning the government to move the second bank holiday in May to the Monday after Parklife."

Bring on the new bank hol.