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Vote for Manchester’s most eligible bachelor: heat one

Doin’ it for the boooooys


Edd Berwin, 19, Economics

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(Edd on the left)

Edd is a real heart-throb, his blue eyes and welcoming smile have been known to drop a panty or two in his time at UoM.

The Economics studying Essex boy really does know how to have a good time, and has been known to finish his nights off with a trip to his favourite place in fallowfield, Pandora’s (This is a genuine nomination).

Edd has a great group of mates who describe him as "fun-loving and bubbly but with a devilish Tory side to him." One of his main passions in life is his campus football team, Owens Park 2’s, where he puts his blood and sweat in week in week out.

Come on, look at that jawline.

Alexander Burke, 22, Politics and Sociology

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Alexander works hard (currently averaging a first), he also plays hard (not just on the pitch). He is described as an "extremely warming and down to earth lad, living a carefree life, with a strong passion for Chelsea." He's the ideal man.

Dough Nut (Duncan)

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He’s got the Dough but just needs his filling. You will have certainly heard and seen him flirt and fart his way around uni. Dough’s the epitome of DGAF, but can you handle him?

Naqi Muhammad, 22, Medicine

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Described as an "absolute G" as he peruses the streets of Manchester in whatever whip he's rented that weekend. Player of Medicine, the King of Stopford, future Opthalmologist, should be crowned most eligible Bachelor as every girl in Medicine wants him but can't even get close to him.

Mark Norman, 3rd Year, Particle Physics

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An incredibly talented footballer; racking up a dreamy 15 goals in 6 matches for the society team he captains, Kebab King Power.

Mark is a bit of a dark horse when it comes to the ladies. An enviable concoction of good-looks, intelligence and charisma with an air of mystery he has always attracted the fairer sex.

In short, "Norms" is a charming, handsome and intelligent young man who loves partying, but would prefer to score even more.

(He’s also incredibly wealthy.)

Ben Hourahine, 24, Management and Leadership

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He has a Range Rover.

Joe Kennedy, Sociology

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Don't be fooled by his brutus exterior, "Bumble" is soft, caring person. All he wants after a hard day is a snuggle and cuddle.

He is also a fine cook, mostly meat and meat.

He's also not shy to take you to random concerts, he may even write you a song, who knows.

Don't be shy, pucker up and come see bumble

Edmund Beech

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Got an unbelievable amount of chat, and good looking too.

Tom O'Brien, Geography, Second Year

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Tom O'Brien is a brilliant cook who marinates his meats intricately. However, he brings the spice to the bedroom when it gets too hot in the kitchen. Looking for a girl with a big booty and the attitude to match

Daniel Katzer, Chemistry

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He's tall and tanned, muscular with a cracking sense of humour and gorgeous green eyes. What a combo.

Taran Parekh, MMU, Product Design

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Vote for this beast and you wont regret it.

Oscar Pope, 21, Medicine

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Medic, model, 1st team tennis player and a heart of gold. Newly single.