This sexual assault map shows how bad things have got in Fallowfield

It’s one of the worst in the UK

A Tab survey found that Manchester is one of the worst cities for sexual assault in the UK.

We compiled data from the last 12 months to show where sexual and violent crimes have been committed in your uni town. Using areas surrounding the city centres and university campuses, data gathered from the police shows the incidences of crimes like rape, sexual harassment and assault at universities in England and Wales.

The redder areas show where incidences of violent and sexual crimes are more concentrated, the yellower, the less concentrated.

As the map shows, Fallowfield is the worst area for reported sexual assaults by far. Areas where assaults have taken place include Ladybarn Lane, Yew Tree Road, Redmere Grove and Holford Avenue.

Our sexual assault heat map showed 22.43 incidents per a thousand residents in one year, within a three mile radius of the university campus.

It’s a statistic that’s been getting worse for years, and not enough has been done to stop it. The union has taken measures to tackle the issue, campaigning for increased security in Fallowfield, the possibility of a shuttle bus at night time and raising awareness with events such as Reclaim the Night.

But GMP, UoM and Manchester City Council have said there’s not much more they can do, despite funding professional security guards to combat house parties in the area.