Man Met set to offer a degree in Pizza Studies

Surely more useful than Golf Studies

Just as we thought Man Met couldn’t get anymore creative with degrees – they’re going to offer a degree in Pizza Studies. 

Manchester Metropolitan University are planning to create 1,500 apprenticeships in partnerships with everyone’s favourite childhood birthday spot – Pizza Hut.

Some call them “Mickey Mouse” degrees, but Man Met aims form a hybrid of academics and practicality, intensively train students in food production and financial analysis.

Sadly, this course isn’t just all eating and games, according to Pizza Hut restaurant chain, the apprenticeships will combine academic and practical skills to “equip candidates with skills for life, not just for working in a restaurant.”

The Government skills Minister, Nick Bowles, fully backed the concept for the degree, commenting that he believe that the Pizza business deserves this surge of academia. Bowles believes that many other businesses should follow suit, and encourage young apprentices.

Ed, a third year Chemist told The Tab: “I don’t know, it sounds a bit cheesy (pun intended), but I think I would really enjoy doing something like that.”

Man Met plans to run this course over the next five years.