‘We can’t walk alone’: We asked you if you feel safe in Manchester

‘I feel vulnerable’

After the horrendous string of rapes and assaults around Manchester over the past few months, we ask Fallowfield residents if they feel safe living here.

Zach Robb, second year, History and Economics

 “Personally, I think Fallowfield and Manchester has a very good student community. I know there’s a bad reputation surrounding it and its natural to feel uneasy but overall I feel safe. I understand that others, especially girls, may feel vulnerable at times.”

Marina Jenkins, first year, Drama

“Yeah so far I’ve actually felt really really safe. All the freshers events are staffed and managed really well and obviously the bus comes often and is really busy. Walking around on my own in the day time I feel safe, and at night I’ve only walked on my own once but that was right near the centre near posh hotels so I felt okay. But I mean it has been drilled into us don’t go round on your own. I think if I did walk around on my own I wouldn’t feel so safe.”

Holly Wilson, third Year, History

“Yeah I do feel safe most of the time but I think that’s probably only down to the fact I know which areas to avoid and stuff and I don’t travel anywhere on my own when it’s dark really.”

Elliot Musk, second Year, Economics

“The security within the Fallowfield Campus was great, I barely ever felt anxious. However, now in my second year and no longer living in halls, I most definitely feel exposed. I travelled all summer and didn’t have a single thing stolen. I spent three weeks in my new house on Wilmslow Road and my room was burgled, my mac book stolen. Im incredibly wary living in Manchester now”.

Mackenzie Pickup, first year, History

“Around Fallowfield is safe, but around Picadilly Gardens and getting the bus down to factory for nights out, I don’t feel completely comfortable. I don’t like walking around there on my own, I feel kind of vulnerable.

Jay Plent, first Year, English Literature and American Studies

“So far yeah. The accommodation and the area around Owen’s Park feels really safe. The staff are friendly, the security measures feel pretty secure. Even Manchester itself, having come back at like 1 O’clock in the morning and stuff i haven’t felt particular threatened. As with any city, there are kind of dodgy characters around corners but you have to be aware of them.”

Danny Swallow, second Year, Bio Medical Science 

“I do feel safe but Manchester is still quite a dodgy place like. Even on the curry mile on the way back from Antwerp two girls had their phone stolen at a bus stop right out of their hands. I wouldn’t have your phones out late at night.”