Police visit Fallowfield party street homes to issue warnings

They ‘can and will take serious action’

Greater Manchester Police, Manchester City Council, and uni staff have been targeting homes on party streets in Fallowfield for door-to-door warnings.

Over the past few weeks, students living on streets such as Granville, Wellington and Amherst have been visited and warned of the potentially massive repercussions of having a house party.

It’s only pres, officer

This comes as no surprise, as last year tensions rose between the council and students, with the problem of our rowdy parties even being debated in parliament.

Parites have now become such an issue that rather than warnings being issued when a party may occur , they have been issued across the board with an aim to reduce the amount of serious action that will be taken.

This means that having a party could leave you with anything from a disciplinary action from uni to being evicted from your house.

The letter has left an angry response

The old system of having a party then being issued with a warning has now been thrown into question. This could mean more serious action will be taken sooner.

Third year English Lit student Keisha was visited recently and reiterated what many said last year: “It’s very annoying how the police make assumptions about students and house parties.

“Instead of spending the the time visiting us door to door, they should focus on more police patrols in the area and ensuring that students and residents alike are safe.”

Never forget

This said, the top 10 streets in Fallowfield racked up over 270 noise complaints over the last three years, which the council considers completely unacceptable, saying cracking down on them is a “major priority”.

RIP fun and laughter.