Farewell John Leech, our dear old friend

The party’s over for party-pooper Withington MP

Killjoy MP John Leech has lost his Withington seat in a crushing defeat. 

Scores of us turned out against the Lib Dem, with Jeff Smith winning the Labour seat instead.

John Leech originally won his seat in Manchester’s student heartland in 2010 when he promised to slash tuition fees.

Now Leech, who is famed for moaning about students and shutting down our parties, is out after ten years in office.

We’ve turned our back on Leech


If you’re disheartened that Labour have failed to gain enough representation in Westminster, look on the bright side – Withington is now red, covered in the glory of Jeff Smith who was literally passed on the baton without a struggle, gaining 26,843 votes over Leech’s measly 11,970.

Leech was recently branded “disrespectful” and “rude” for the way he dealt with complaints about student safety in Fallowfield.

He even opened up a debate about student house parties in Manchester – and planned to take the issue to the House of Commons.

Frustrated students have continuously blasted him for prioritising the closure of Fallowfield and Withington house parties over enforcing student safety initiatives.

In a recent interview with The Tab Leech said: “I am constantly accused of taking no interest in students. It’s nonsense.”

Leech continued his rant, adding: “I’m accused for party political reasons. It’s a systematic attack from Labour Students.

“They’re always up to silly games.”

In a constituency made up of young people, in 2011, John Leech shockingly voted against using public money to create jobs for unemployed young people, such as those in his own constituency.

It gets deeper still – the money wasn’t going to come out of the pockets of those who need it – he voted against bank bonus taxes to create jobs for young people.

Perhaps now Fallowfield will descend into a hell-hole of student house parties.

With any luck Labour will get more police patrolling the streets.