Tab vs Food: Pancake day

Scoffing pancakes in as little time possible

Yesterday, Blackdog Ballroom held their annual pancake day contest and we went down to witness the action.

The challenge? To scoff down a mammoth stack of 10 pancakes as quickly as humanely possible.

We took with us a very hungry competitor, second year chemistry babe, George.

Ready to take on the pancake mountain

The Stack

The challenge was between twelve people with the aim to gobble up 10 pancakes as if they were the Cookie Monster faced with a plate of Maryland’s finest.

However, our poor George’s eyes were bigger than his belly and unfortunately, he was no match for his greedy competitors.

George gave the challenge his best effort

All eyes were on another competitor, Benjamin Chump Carcamo who shoved the food into his mouth like an animal. But in a dramatic turn of events, Jay Compson, snatched the title from his grasp at the final pancake hurdle!

The whole contest lasted a mere two minutes 30 seconds with most managing to get through less than half the stack.

Benjamin the favourite

Champion Jay satisfied with his win

Suspicions flew around the bar about the winner’s tactics with rumours spreading that in fact he might have been stoned.

But all’s fair in the world of pancake eating and people do what they have to to gain such a prestigious achievement.

owwwww yeah

Friendly competition

A disheartened George after losing out on the win