Tab vs Food: 20 inch pizza in 8 minutes

That’s a slice a minute

On Friday six students took on the 23rd Street pizza challenge – eight slices of a full 20 inch pizza within a amazing eight minutes.

Impossible? We caught a bite of the action.


23rd Street offered contestants the chance to win a 50% discount for six months & Part of Wall of Fame if they were able to devour the famous 20inch monsters.

The contestants had the choice of two toppings: meat feast or veggie.

In the build up to the event second year Air Conditioning student Harry Brock turned up in time for the competition but decided not to watch on as the place was rammed.

“I had been asked by a friend to enter but I just couldn’t stomach it. I decided to come down and watch but it was just far too crammed.”

A solid turnout

The contest was split into two rounds of 3 competitors.

Round 1

Sarthak Batra

Man Met, first year

Hospitality Management

“I’m nervous but it should go alright. I haven’t eaten or drunk all day.”

Mikey Mcginley Hughes

UoM, third year

English Lit

“I had lunch but I’m still feeling peckish.”

Samus McGinley-Hughes

UoM, second year

English Lit and American Studies

“I’m feeling very hungover. When it comes to eating pizza my technique is to fold.”

There was a good turnout from the crowd supporting the three gladiators as they waited for the smoking hot pizzas to be laid infront of them.

As the pizza was left to cool down the three started their pre meal rituals.

Gladiators, are you ready?

After a tense countdown from Shazreh, the manager, she laid down the timer on the table and the students began.

With the benchmark of a slice a minute the contestants started falling behind early on, as it seemed like they were enjoying the taste more than the challenge itself.

The owner of 23rd Street comedically shouted, “Anyone want extra dip?”

But there was no response as they continued to devour their way through the layers of crust and cheese.

As the countdown reached the half way point the crowd began to become more vocal, with one member roaring, “Don’t chew, Swallow!”

Another enthesitis fan cried: “They said on Man vs Food – start from the inside out!”

The clock came to an end and the three gladiators had been defeated. What was meant to be a challenged turned out to be a rushed dinner – A good effort but not worthy enough for the mouth-watering prize.

Many of the contestants looked fragile as they walked away from their unfinished plates.

There were rumours of one of the contestants throwing it all back up but it can’t be confirmed who.

The remains of what could have been

Round 2

Jade Blagg

UoM, second year


“I’ve starved myself all day in preparation. I’m already feeling very sick.”

Robbie Ambler

UoM, second year

“I’m feeling really hungry. I haven’t eaten all day but I’m nervous as I don’t want to end up like the guy who threw up.”

Adil Masoud


PGP Communications Engineering

He previously entered in December and managed to eat all 8 slices within the time limit but missed out on the prize as he didn’t eat his crusts.

“My plan this time is to dunk my crusts in the water to help them ease down as that’s what made me miss out on the prize last time.

The second round of pumped eaters entered the 23rd Street arena.

Within seconds of the start both Adil and Robbie tackled two slices squashed together at a time while Jade gracefully enjoy the monster of a pizza.

Almost defending champion Adil doubling up

Because of this crafty technique the two boys were managing to maintain the average of a slice a minute.

And, as promise, Adil dunked his crusts in a cup of water which although was not the most appealing method seemed to work.

It’s not the looks that matter

With less than a minute to go the sheer size of the task was catching up with both Adli and Robbie who had showed promise.

But with just 10 seconds to go Robbie, who was leading, threw down his crusts in defeat knowing time had got the better of him.

This was a truly strong effort considering the near impossible expectations.

A strong effort from Robbie

Polly, a second year Media Studies student at Slough Met College of Design who was up in Manchester for the weekend areflected on the brave attempts:

“This is fucking carnage. It seems like those who you’d least expect to have a large stomach managed to consume the most. I’m sure I could find a few friends who’d be up for the challenge.”

Disappointed Adli told us: “I was hoping to improve on last time or even finish. I need to find an ice cream challenge to fight this depression.”

None of the brave contestants could finish with only a few coming close. Think you can complete the challenge and win the prize of half price pizza for the rest of the year?

Come down to 23rd Street in Fallowfield on Friday 7th February to tackle the famous 20inch pizzas – this time against the staff!

Can you beat the house?