Simon Building exams evacuated TWICE as two fire alarms go off in an hour

It’s only the second day of exams

Exams in the Simon Building came to a halt TWICE yesterday after two fire alarms went off in the space of an hour.

It was only the first day of exams, but fuming students were forced to stand in the cold twice for up to 20 minutes during the 2pm exams.

After returning to their seats they were then evacuated again – just 45 minutes later.

The last place you’d expect a screw up

After being in the exam hall for 20 minutes, the first fire alarm rang and everyone was asked to leave the building immediately.

Second year Cameron was cheesed off about having to hang around outside: “I hadn’t eaten before because I was so nervous, we had to wait outside for so long that I was practically passing out towards the end of it.

“Everyone was really pissed of we were outside for 20 minutes in the cold.”

45 minutes after returning inside, the second alarm struck, and students were moved outside for another fifteen minutes.

Thomas has clearly had enough

Third year Art History student, Tom, felt the alarms seriously got in the way of his exam: “To say one fire alarm was an unlucky mishap would be fine but two was bloody ridiculous!

“We weren’t informed of the cause and had to wait 15 minutes outside in the cold, that wasn’t really the issue though.

“I felt completely put off and lost all focus in my exam. I don’t understand how for a final year exam it wasn’t done with a little more professional attention.”