This is what Fallowfield locals think of us

It’s not good news

Fallowfield locals student views

After a wave of wavey booze parties on Amherst Road, we’ve landed ourselves in the press, behind bars, and probably in hot water with the locals.

Do the Fallowfield residents still like us? Did they ever like us? Is it time we all just got along?

We asked them (well, the ones that didn’t tell us to fuck off) what they really think.

Fallowfield – infested with students.

I was told to fuck off by the first local I approached. Believe it or not, the general consensus is, we’re pretty intolerable.

Luckily, others were kind enough to stop and chat.

Live next door to Mary? Look after her, she’s a good ‘un!

Mary, who’s live in Fallowfield since 1962, has had a range of experiences with students that have occupied the house next to her for the last ten years.

“As with all members of society, there are good and bad students.

“Over the last ten years I have had two awful sets of students, but fortunately those living next door to me at the moment are very nice”.

“Six years ago my student neighbours were absolutely awful, with no consideration to me or my husband, who was ill at the time, and any apologies I received were swiftly broken with their next party.”.

Mary, a wonderfully kind women and proud Mancunian, has embraced students and their ways. She told us she would happily tolerate “one party per term”.

Football team: United (in respect of her late husband).

Sandra, a University of Manchester staff member, has been around students far too long and finds us “friendly and approachable members of society” and has never had a problem with students.

Football team: City.

Preferred superpower: Extra hands.

Abdul – King of the Krunch.

Abdul (of Krunchy Fried Chicken fame), is an expert on rowdy, drunken students, and understandably his views are shaped by his experiences.

“They don’t know to drink responsibly, they kick bins over and steal signs, which is problematic for a place such as Fallowfield which also hosts a large number of non-student residents”.

“Just because they’re away from home they think they can get away with anything”.

Yet it’s not all bad – the chirpy chicken provider praised us for our economic contributions to Fallowfield.

“Regarding the upkeep and maintenance of Fallowfield economically, students contribute greatly in helping to keep shops, restaurants and taxis in business and in many ways are a lifeline to the town”.

Football team: None (he doesn’t take sides).

Steph claims she isn’t disrespectful to locals, or single…

Steph,a Manchester student herself, took on board the comments made by the locals and retaliated with her views on them.

“I have found that locals have been incredibly patient with us, I definitely wouldn’t want to live next door to a student!”

The student expressed her love for Fallowfield, enjoying “being part of the vibe”, but also feels that it is “extremely important to behave in a way which doesn’t disrupt the locals”.

Football team: United

Preferred superpower: To be able to fly (so she can keep an eye on naughty students)

Like most groups in society, feelings towards students are being shaped by the minority dickheads who are causing disturbances, so the moral of this article is:

Don’t act like a dickhead and students won’t be seen as dickheads!