THIRTY students have been raped in Manchester this semester, say police

The figures have doubled since last year

A shocking 30 Manchester students have been raped this term according to police. 

This is the number of reported attacks on university students aged 18-24 in the city – from August to October alone.

And the number of attacks is double what it was last year – police were investigating 15 student rapes during the same period in 2013.

The alleyway on Whitby Road

The frightening figures come just weeks after a student was dragged into the alleyway between Whitby and Filey Road by a stranger and raped.

At the start of term a girl was sexually assaulted by a fake cab driver after Pangaea.

Neither of these victims knew their attacker, but police have still issued advice warning students against drunken hook ups.

Detective Inspector Damian Simpson said: “Unfortunately we’ve dealt with many an incident whereby two young people have met on an alcohol-fuelled night out, one thing has led to another and the next morning we’re arresting somebody for rape.

“Rape ruins lives for both the victim and perpetrator and you have my absolute word that we will take each report seriously and are committed to bringing offenders to justice, whatever the circumstances may be.”

Horrified students have been left shocked by the new figures, and by the police’s response.

Laura, second year, said: “The figure is absolutely preposterous. But it’s a good thing that people seem more able to talk about rape as it’s getting reported more.”

“What the police are saying is awful after these two horrific attacks.

“It sounds just as if it’s all being written by men.”

Students in the city have already been leaving in fear after a spate of violent sex attacks in the area.

One petrified student told The Tab: “I’m too scared to put the bins out at night, they go in the same alleyway that the poor girl was dragged into.”

Another said: “It upsets and angers me that I constantly have to walk around in fear that someone could attack me.”

Now, GMP have launched a campaign aimed at young males in the city.

The posters tackle victim blaming and consent and read “Drinking is not a crime. Rape is.”

GMP’s latest poster campaign

DI Simpson from Greater Manchester Police said: “It is alarming when you first look at it. But we are now getting incidents reported which may not have been in the past.

“Manchester has a massive night-time economy and people should be able to go out and let their hair down.

“What we are trying to do is get the message out there to potential offenders about consent. If we can reduce offending even by a small amount I will consider that a success.”

The Students’ Union have recently also launched the next step in their We Get It campaign to combat bullying and harassment, attempting to bring to students’ attention the importance of where we “draw the line” at what is acceptable.

Part of the ‘We Get It’ campaign in the SU

As more and more of these attacks are coming to light, both GMP and the SU encourage students not to get in unmarked taxis, never travel alone, particularly at night, and make sure someone always knows where you are.