Someone has done a poo on the ground floor of the library

No one knows why


Horrified cleaners were forced to clean the ground floor stairwell in JRUL this afternoon – after a mystery student had a poo on the floor. 

The incident took place around 3.30pm, when library staff were alerted of a “small, round shit” loitering on the ground floor corridor by the stairs.

Crowds of disgusted students were drawn in by the stench and gathered around to watch “panicked” cleaners get rid of the mess.

One horrified cleaner completely lost her shit. She told The Tab: “Oh good it smells awful doesn’t it!”

Third year Rachel, who was in the library at the time, was left: “deeply disturbed” after the unusual event. She said: “It smelt more like disinfectant by the time I got to it luckily!”

Another third year was curious as to how such a thing could happen: “I think someone had an accident and it popped down their leg”

Hani, who was busy writing an essay didn’t have a clue: “How the hell did that even happen?!”

According to the library staff, the culprit is unknown and still on the loose.