Everyone’s Happy: Therapy dogs charmed UCL students on University Mental Health Day

Therapy dogs renewed the week for everyone at UCL’s Japanese Garden

On University Mental Health Day, UCL’s Student Support and Wellbeing brought therapy dogs again for people to swoon over and cuddle.

Three therapy dogs of different sizes and breeds were brought by their owners to the uni’s Japanese Garden, instantly taking the spotlight on campus.

Large crowds formed around the therapy dogs. Vibes were immaculate. It was as much a social gathering as much as it was a much-needed dopamine booster for red-eyed students nodding off on half-finished essays.

A large, fluffy, white French Pyrenean mountain dog, a small brown Pomeranian and a Cockapoo (half Cocker Spaniel, half Poodle) stole everyone’s hearts.

Spirits were high: it was all smiles, all love, all affection, and all murmurs of “I’m so happy” and “awww.”

Next time you find yourself cooped up at home stressed out by statistics question sets or an overwhelming number of readings, pull up a few cute cat videos or dog pictures (although it definitely isn’t coming close to the cuteness of this fluffball in-person).

The activity has proven to be very popular with students across UCL every time it happens, and Harvey right here has already been a favourite the last time he visited.

And, what can we say, his wool-like fur is all we need for University Mental Health Day (and every day).

These sessions of incomparable cuteness are brought to us by UCL SSW and Pets As Therapy, and they’re rumoured to be planning these events for every month.

But can we really not have this adorable pup here as a resident therapy dog?

All jokes aside, if you’d like to volunteer with your pet to salvage everyone’s mental health, do visit Pets As Therapy website for more information.

For mental health support, same-day appointments with a SSW advisor are available via enquiries through askUCL or calls to +44 (0)20 7679 0100.

Care First provides online and telephone counselling and advice available 24/7 for all London students. Those studying abroad can use the Global Student Assistance Programme.

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