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Jeremy Bentham’s got a new crib in the UCL Student Centre

Jezza’s just got a sweet pad upgrade

Jeremey Bentham: best known as an esteemed philosopher, UCL's spiritual founder, and the straw-covered skeleton that chills around campus. But if you're looking to pay your daily homage to the literal bones of the dead man (every UCL student does that, right?) you won't be able to find him in the usual place…

Where was he?

Jezza's called the South Cloisters, Wilkins Building home for most of his 170 year stay at UCL.

Where is it now?

But, as well as a new box, Jezza's now living at the UCL Student Centre – so you can see him 24/7! There's no one we'd rather have around to get us through out 3am diss breakdowns tbh.

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The icon is back

Jeremy Bentham's auto-icon (aka his actual skeleton) has now OFFICIALLY been moved from South Cloisters to the Student Centre in celebration of his birthday (15th of Feb).

This move has been in the books since 2012, as part of the university’s “Transforming UCL” programme. Given that the Auto-Icon has been around UCL since 1850 it’s due time that Jezza got his upgrade.

Fun Facts: Jezza Edition

– Jezza was a Legal Thinker turned Philosopher who became a key proponent of utilitarianism.

– He didn’t actually play any active role in the creation of UCL – he acted more as a "spiritual inspiration". I wish I could just "spiritually inspire" my essays…

– The head on the Auto-Icon isn’t his real one – the actual head is hidden somewhere in UCL (and rightfully so, the real head looks absolutely terrifying)

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Imagine seeing this at 2am while cramming for your exams in the SC

– Finally, he’s got his own LinkedIn profile – go connect with him! It can be a good conversation starter when connecting with other UCL students/grads (speaking from experience)

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Even Jezza's got LinkedIn – have you got yours yet?

So go on, give him a visit and maybe even take a cheeky selfie for the gram – make your friends at other unis jealous for not having absolute ICON on campus like we do #inJezzaWeTrust