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Wagamama is giving away free dishes at their Soho test kitchen

Free Dishes are being given away at their Soho restaurant on February 4th

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No- this isn't a dream- Wagas really is giving away free dishes to mark the launch of their new menu!

The dishes will be available between 12- 2pm on Tuesday February 4th from their Soho restaurant at 81 Dean St, only a short walk from Uni.

All you have to do is turn up between these times at the noodle lab, and you can sample one of three of their new dishes.

The new dishes are: Vegan Corn 'Ribs', Tori Kara Age (japanese fried chicken) or the Matcha Bao-nut (a bao donut with vegan matcha ice-cream).

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The give away comes as a celebration of the upcoming launch of the new 'street food with soul' menu which officially launches on Wednesday the 5th of february.

Wagamama executive chef Steven Mangleshot said that the most recent trial menu "is one of [their] biggest and most exciting noodle lab launches yet. Featuring plant based innovation, our version of a Japanese classic and an iconic vegan dessert, we want to transport people to the food markets of Tokyo with this latest menu. It’s street food, with soul.”

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So get yourself down to Soho tomorrow to sample some of the new dishes while they are free, as well as to get a taste of what exciting new dishes are to come. Its probably better than that lecture you have…

Photo credits: Wagamama and Wagamama official instagram.