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UCL students are protesting against eugenicists and white supremacists tomorrow

It’s part of a movement to decolonise UCL

Students are holding a protest tomorrow lunchtime outside the Provost's office to demand the decolonisation of UCL.

The protest is in response to UCL being used to host the controversial London Conference on Intelligence, which promoted eugenics and had a white supremacist as a speaker.

The protest is being organised by the UCLU BME Student Network. On a Facebook post Ayo Olatunji, the Sabbatical BME officer, explained that the focus of the protest is "decolonising refers to our work in dismantling [British colonial] legacy and shaping our institutions & society in a way that is free from white supremacy in all its pervasive forms."

Historically eugenics has been very closely tied to UCL. Sir Francis Galton, the scientist who coined the term eugenics, left his fortune and personal collection to UCL to fund the UCL's Galton Professor of Eugenics.

Galton's name is still prominent around UCL today: The Galton Museum, formed from his collection, the Galton Lecture Theatre and the Galton Laboratory.

The protest starts tomorrow in the Main Quad at 12:30.