We had a chat with one of the biggest names in UCL sport – Rugby’s Vice-Prez

He seems a fairly innocent chap

With the new season soon starting, sports clubs are hunting for fresh meat to join their teams. To help you see what you'll be getting yourself if you join a sports team and the kind of unruly people you'll be mixing with, we interviewed last year's President/this year's Vice-President of UCL Rugby, one of the biggest sports clubs at UCL.

What's your rugby nickname?

Horner the Wetter

Degree subject and year of study?

2nd year History with a module in The Battle of Montaperti

Where do you like to go out?

I only know of one club in London, I think it's called The Loop or something.

What do you drink?

Snakey B, Urine and my own tears.

What are your best stories from this year's tour?

Rugby didn't have a tour this year so instead Daddy and I went on a shooting trip.

What's the craziest thing that has happened at a rugby social?

There was one time a few months ago when this guy downed his beverage, everyone went mental as we normally just sip it.

What do you have planned for initiations?

What's an initiation?

Would you say you fit the rugby lad stereotype?

We are actually all really emotional blokes as demonstrated by my house mates and I in our multiple episodes of crying.

Why is rugby the best sports club at UCL and why should people join?

This year we raised over £6500 for Movember (2nd best sports team in the country), died our hair blonde for Mind and held our annual charity boat ball on the Thames. Add this to our BUCS Club of the Year 2015 award and our 2017 Varsity win and you have the best sports club at UCL.