Undefeated UCLU Women’s Fencing are set to beat King’s in the first ever London Fencing Varsity

Tonight, UCLU Women’s Fencing will be competing against KCLSU in the UCL North Cloisters for the first ever Fencing Varsity title.

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Fencing is UCL’s highest scoring sport in BUCS – tonight’s first ever London Fencing Varsity promises to be a rare occasion of skill and an evening of UC glory.

UCLU Women’s Fencing 1st team remain undefeated this season in BUCS South Eastern 1A, and have made it to the Finals for the BUCS Trophy which will be competed for 2 weeks after Varsity.

The King’s Women’s 1st team compete in the league below UC, and have made it to the Finals for the BUCS Cup. However, with Sophie Williams on our side, an Olympian from London 2012, we seem set to beat KCLSU at tonight’s Fencing Varsity.

Meet the team before you head over to the UCL North Cloisters this evening at 6pm to witness the only free event in the 2014 London Varsity Series:

Harriet Elizabeth Davies

Favourite fencing moment: Winning the last league match so we remained unbeaten.

Pet peeve: People walking really slowly but managing to take up the whole pavement.

Why UCL is better than King’s: Because of the UCL Women’s first fencing team

Alexandria (Allie) Mead

Favourite fencing moment: Most recently, winning in Paris. It was a good competition and Raniah and I worked really well together.

Pet peeve: Phones. I severely dislike how unreliable they are.

Why UCL is better than King’s: “UCLU Fencing have racked up a MASSIVE 166 BUCS points so far this season. To put that in context, if UCLU Fencing was its own institution they would be ranked 91st in the University League table (above Anglia Ruskin, London South Bank and St Georges).” – UCLU Sport.

Essentially, as a team we have an awesome atmosphere and there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for any of these girls. Out of all the other universities we’ve fenced, I haven’t seen any of them act more like family than us.

Andrea Yeung

Favourite fencing moment: Being in top 32 of my first ever Cadets World Championships in Turkey, and walking out with the other fencers and having someone to hold our fencing bags. It was amazing being the cheered on by the whole national team.

Pet peeve: When people are late and not apologetic

Why UCL is better than King’s: Because UCL has a fencing team that bonds well and are individually brilliant fencers. Together, we work by synergy and is an even stronger team as a whole. And we have been winning all season and that’s how we roll

Rania Rahardja

Favourite fencing moment: Winning the team gold at Paris

Pet peeve: My blades all not working… equipment faulty

Why UCL is better than King’s: Cause we’re just better

Elizabeth (Libby) Rose-Innes

Favourite fencing moment: Fencing with the team is my best fencing memory

Pet peeve: The lack of wheels on my fencing kit bag as it’s super heavy

Chiara McDermott

Favourite fencing moment: Computing in the Junior Commonwealth Games (if only for the social side).

Pet peeve: Left-handers, they should be culled.

Why UCL is better than King’s: UCL is better because KCSmells

Letty Steer

Favourite fencing moment: Remaining unbeaten as a team

Pet peeve: problem makers not problem solvers.

Any final comments? Eat our shorts Kings College

Stephanie Wong

Favourite fencing moment: Feeling the spirit when everyone was cheering for me

Pet peeve: Travelling for hours with the heavy kit and fence for less than 10 minutes

Why UCL better than King’s: UCL is better than King’s because they are just UCL wannabes

Head to the UCL North Cloisters tonight at 6pm to see these undefeated girls in action!