UCLU Men’s Fencing promises to deliver another Varsity win

Tonight, UCLU will clash with KCLSU in the only free event in the 2014 London Varsity Series – fencing. Come along to the UCL North Cloisters and show you support at 6pm!

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Witness UCLU secure Varsity glory over KCLSU tonight in the UCL Cloisters in the London Fencing Varsity.

UCLU Men’s Fencing 1st team are currently flying high at 2nd place in BUCS Premier South, boasting highly experienced fencers and even a National team representative.

In fact, UCLU Men’s Fencing is the best sports team at UCL this year. Although they finished a disappointing 2nd place BUCS Premier South, they’ve made it through to the Finals of the BUCS Championship, where they will face league winners Imperial at the end of March.

Meanwhile, KCLSU Men’s 1st are lagging behind in 5th place in BUCS South Eastern 1A.

Our UC men seem set to win us another Varsity point in the Series, promising to equalise the overall Series points to 5-5.

Check out the Tab’s exclusive who’s-who guide before heading to the UCL North Cloisters tonight at 6pm for the only free event in the 2014 London Varsity Series.

Matt Billing (leader and soul of the Men’s 1st), 2nd year EngD Molecular Modelling and Materials Science

Weapon: Foil, épée, sabre

Previous school: One in Cornwall.

Fencing history: 14 years, many different clubs (and 6 BUCS individuals medals among other things)

Favourite possession: my phone.

Favourite quote: “…a computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing.”

Favourite moment: finishing last season undefeated in the league and cup and winning promotion to the premier league.

Nicolas Collignon (Men’s 1st Captain), 2nd year BASc

Weapon: Foil & Épée

Previous School: French school in Copenhagen

Fencing history: 10 years (“so you’re French, you’ve lived in Denmark, but why do you have the Swiss flag on your kit again?”)

Most likely to be found: Somewhere on my bicycle whining about the absurdity of life and how much I miss Ramsay Halls.

Best thing in UCLU Fencing this year: 8 hours on the bus with an Italian, a Chinese and a Welsh.

Worst thing in UCLU Fencing this year: Seeing Matt Billing not win the BUCS individuals (AGAIN) when he should have.

Edoardo Gianni, 1st year BSc Biotechnology

Weapon: Foil

Previous School: Liceo Classico Parini, Milan

Fencing history: About 10 years at the Società del Giardino in Milan

What are your pet hates? When somebody puts milk in my tea before the teabag is removed or sugar before milk. Hate that.

What is your favourite possession? My copy of The Double Helix signed by James Watson.

What celebrity do you get mistaken for? Bret from Flight of the Conchords.

What is your best pick up line? “I wish I were DNA helicase, so I could unzip your genes.”

Most likely to be found in: Ramsay’s kitchen making pasta.

What is your favourite quote? “C’est fort en chocolate!” / “Don’t panic”

Do you have any hidden talents? Rope skipping!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? On a fencing piste, smiling and jumping 🙂

What is your favourite moment as part of UCLU Fencing Club? Yearning Aberystwyth

Anthony D’Auria, 2nd year Master of Architecture

Weapon: Epee

Previous School: University of Edinburgh

Fencing History: 9 years trained in Portland, San Francisco, Edinburgh & London

Pet Hates: Questionnaires

Celebrity Mistaken Identity: 2Chainz

Hidden Talent: Badass Rapper

Zach Eaton-Rosen, 1st Year PhD in Medical Image Computing

Weapon: Foil

Fenced history: Since 1999

Favourite quote: “There are literally no downsides to this.” “My dog probably didn’t like being put to sleep. RIP Bouncy.”

Favourite moment in UCLU fencing this year: Shevy (Men’s 1st Epeist in 1st term): “GO FORWARD NICK, WE’RE LOSING” (we were not losing).

Will Sturgeon, 2nd year MSc Geophysics

Weapon: Epee

Previous School: Gwernyfed High School

Fencing history : I’ve been fencing for 8 years, starting at my local club in Wales. I’ve been part of the Welsh Junior Team for 5 years and was part of the GB under 17 squad.

Pet hates: 9ams, especially on Mondays.

Favourite possession: My MacBook pro, without it I wouldn’t fit in at the library.

Favourite moment as part of UCLU Fencing Club: Winning the league and cup last year, finishing the year undefeated.

What celebrity do you get mistaken for? Snoop Dogg

Andrei Nica, 1st year Computer Science

Weapon: Sabre

Previous School: a good school in Romania

Fencing history: 8 years in Romania

What celebrity do you get mistaken for? – Dumbo

Hidden talents: Cooking fried eggs

Favourite activity: Sleeping

Alexander AJR Ferrigno, 1st Year Law

Weapon: Sabre (obviously)

Previous school: Winchester college

Fencing history: 10 years, just at school

Pet hates: Condiments, mainly ketchup

Favourite possession: My lovely sword obviously

Best pick up line: “You’re not wearing any pants are you? [no] oh, sorry, my watch is ten minutes fast!”

Favourite quote: “I’m fucking swagtastic” – AAJR Ferrigno

Most likely to be found: In my bed

Hidden talents: Can fit 30-40 marshmallows in my enormous mouth

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Really rich lawyer tearing shit up

Favourite moment as part of UCLU Fencing Club: Beating every single team that ever turns up

What celebrity do you get mistaken for? Tony Stark

Guilty pleasure: Wanks in the back of criminal law lectures

Best thing in fencing at UCL: Tiny Edoardo

Favourite Sportsnite move: The backwards turtle

Wear purple and support Team UC tonight at 6pm!