(But loads of nice people might lose their jobs)

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Want to kill yourself at the thought of getting a vomit-soaked night bus home again on Friday? Fear no more, as Transport for London have announced 24-hour weekend services.

Literally sodden


TFL, combined with the awesome power of Boris Johnson’s hair, revealed their intention to keep the Piccadilly, Victoria, Central, Jubilee and Northern lines open on Fridays and Saturdays this morning.

The move is likely to be welcomed by students sick of having to plan their weekends around a midnight deadline like Jager-doused Cinderellas, but will come as a blow to those using the “last tube’s gone, why I don’t I just sleep in your bed? Naked” mode of pulling.


I use it all the time!

Before everyone goes rejoicing too much however,  many people have slammed the new plans as a smokescreen while Transport bigwigs try to axe 750 jobs and close nearly every ticket office, making the everyday tube experience even more impersonal and frustrating, even if it is open all the time.

Whatever your thoughts, lets all take a moment to mourn those lovely bus journeys home, then actually have some fun at the weekends.