Who Are The UCL College Dining Club?

UCL’s own secret society

The Pitt, The Bullingdon, and now — The UCL College Dining Club? 


Ooooh menacing


While the existence of ‘secret’ societies at places like Cambridge and Oxford have always been public knowledge, little has ever been heard about such a club at our own little university.

Yet it turns out we’ve had one all along, masquerading under the slightly less impressive moniker: ‘The UCL College Dining Club.’

Whilst not summoning up images of wild debauchery and archaic traditions, the club is apparently the meeting place for UCL’s movers and shakers. With at least twenty members, the group meets biannually at some of London’s most exclusive restaurants, presumably in order to plot world domination, or at least chat about how much the Union are pissing them off.

Although the societies’ academic counterparts are renowned as breeding grounds for tomorrow’s rich and famous, comprised of the children of today’s glitterati, our own society seems slightly more in keeping with our staunch lefty principles. The organization selects its new member based on merit, and is composed merely from the elite of societies and sport.

Although little is still known about the Dining Club, since The Tab’s private investigator budget can only reach so far, we did discover the group’s website…

We know that they can use computers! Score!


…..although only to be told that it’s no longer in use. Which might explain why they haven’t had a meeting for well over a year. Despite these failures, we did manage to talk to one current member, who was as unenthusiastic as one would expect from someone clearly trying to cover up blood pacts and ritual slaughter:

“I’d prefer to organize things with my friends, rather than acquaintances.”

At least one thing’s for certain: The club are doing a pretty good job at actually remaining secret. Take that Oxbridge.