Cult Culture: Top 10 MIC Moments

In honour of Made in Chelsea’s triumphant return to TV this past Monday, The Tab London takes a look at the best moments from the last 5 seasons.

Made in Chelsea: you either love it or hate it. This show takes us plebeians into the classier realm of SW3, where we can trade our own mundane problems for an hour of champagne, air kisses, relationship drama and exotic holidays.

First of all, who actually expected this show to last this long? It was first introduced in 2011 as the posh version of TOWIE, and now, 5 seasons on, it is the proud winner of a BAFTA in the reality TV category, and is the most tweeted about show on E4. In the beginning, the series focused on the love triangle between Spencer, Caggie and Funda. Now, 2 years later, the storylines and cast have changed, but the drama has not.  So here are just a few of the many brilliant moments.

1. Millie Assaults Hugo

This is a classic moment from Series 2. Millie suspects Hugo of cheating, so she throws her posh martini at his posh face. From here, the relationship goes downhill, but don’t fret- everything’s fine now. Millie recently married her rapper boyfriend Professor Green and apparently she prefers drinking her martinis these days.

2. Lucy’s Grill

Lucy Watson was introduced to viewers in Season 4 and made quite a splash despite initially only having a few lines (yes of course there’s a script). A self-proclaimed ‘player’, she quickly made enemies by being bitchy to the girls and toying with the boys’ affections. Her most famous line was coined after she was called out on her behaviour, resulting in her exclaiming: ‘why is everyone getting up in my grill?’. And thus, Lucy’s Grill was born.

3. Millie Assaults Spencer

So if you don’t watch MIC and you’re thinking ‘hmm this chick attacks a lot of dudes’, you’d be correct. Millie ‘Smackintosh’ once again puts those perfectly manicured hands to good use and slaps Spencer, after it was revealed he cheated on Louise in the Series 4 finale.  You might have noticed by now a recurring theme on this show, other than Millie’s obvious anger management issues, is that the guys avoid fidelity like the plague.

4. Standard Airport Chase Scene

After an entire first season of ‘will they, won’t they’, Caggie decides to leave for New York, and of course Spencer had to chase her to the airport. Think fast paced, dramatic camera angles with an appropriate song in the background, the shot switching between Spencer driving frantically, wondering if he’ll make it in time and Caggie going through security and saying goodbye to her friends. Spencer finally arrives, but is too late. Oh, the tension!



5. Ollie is Bisexual

Ollie is known by people who don’t even watch the show, although some are surprised to learn that he is, in fact, a boy. He came out as bisexual in Season 1 to his friends, Binky and Cheska. What truly makes the moment epic though was the looks on their faces when he told them: completely underwhelmed. Binky then voices what everyone was thinking: ‘babe…we know’.

6. You Gotta Fight For Love

Ollie Locke’s ex-girlfriend Gabriella was probably the only person in the world to not clue in on his bisexuality, but when your boyfriend asks to borrow your eyelash curlers, surely there should be some alarm bells going off in your head. Gabriella, a semi-successful pop star who is apparently quite popular in Greece, had her shining moment in Season 2, when her music video, ‘Fight’ was released.  Before you ask, no the video’s not a parody…that really is just the way she sings.

7. Caggie and Spencer…Finally

In the Series 2 Christmas special, the gang head to Finland for a holiday and FINALLY we find out that Caggie and Spencer hooked up. This was hugely exciting for hardcore fans, after their storyline had been drawn out for so long. Never mind that later on, Caggie revealed in an interview that she never dated Spencer and their ‘romance’ was exaggerated for entertainment purposes. In that part of our heads where we believe all TV is real, Christmas in Finland was a beautiful Spaggie moment.



8.  Mark-Francis. Enough Said

It is unclear whether Mark-Francis even knows most of the other cast members, as his main role on the show is to say ‘yah, darling’ and host masquerade balls. However, he is still a favourite amongst fans ever since the first episode when he called Topshop a turn off. While not vacationing in his chalet, he is most often found in his living room, calling out in Italian for his maid Jana to bring him more champagne.



9. Charles Dickens Wrote Winnie the Pooh

Ahh… Binky. She certainly isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but that makes for good TV. She established herself as the ditz in the pilot episode, when she insisted that Dickens wrote Winnie the Pooh. Bless!


10. Yeah, Boi!

Aww, how could we forget the lads: Jamie, Francis and Proudlock. They’re adorable, they love to ‘pardy’ and they do stupid things like get a painting made of all their faces merged together. Through all the girl drama and drunkenness, the Lost Boys stick together and are always there for… actually no, they fight over girls all the time and Jamie is constantly caught in between his loyalty to Spencer and his friendship with Francis. But they’re just so damn cute!