Tips for the Fashionable Fresher

The Tab’s advice on how to make a good first impression

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Freshers’ Fortnight is upon us and the main question on everybody’s mind is, “what am I going to wear?” You’re new, you probably don’t know anyone and you’re absolutely determined to make a great first impression. The London Tab is here to help! Here are some tips when it comes to fresher fashion.

1. Be yourself. I know it’s cliché but you can’t possibly change your personality in the space of a week. Your clothes can be a huge reflection of what you’re like and like-minded people will generally gravitate toward one another, so make sure your outfits express who YOU are.

2. Girls, stay away from the skin-tight, bum-exposing body-cons and heels you can’t walk in. The last thing you want is to be the go-to option for entirely unrestrained, incredibly drunk horny guys. When you go out to the many night-time events, opt for stylish separates or a dress that is sexy but not too revealing like this one. And most importantly, wear shoes you can walk in even after multiple cocktails.

Left: Topshop £38
Right: Zara £89.99

3. Boys, avoid at all costs what you thought was ‘comfy and casual’ in sixth form. You may have been too focused on your studies to care that much about attention from the opposite sex, but university is a time for stripping away the convenient academic seclusion and, for lack of a better phrase, growing a pair. No jeans and trainers, no sweatpants at night. It’s time for a good set of shoes a cool t-shirt and a clean-shaven smile.

Left: Fred Perry £75
Right: Clarks £75

4. A little shopping splurge is in order. You may think what you already have is good enough, and you may be right. But the excitement you get from wearing something NEW translates into a confidence perfect for getting to know new people.

Left: Urban Outfitters £195
Right: Topshop £38

5. Embrace statement pieces. In an environment where everyone is looking for an excuse to talk to each other, make it easy; wear something people can compliment you for or comment on. This can be anything from a chunky necklace to an Aztec print backpack, as long it’s a conversation starter!

Left: Urban Outfitters £35
Right: Urban Outfitters £18

Don’t stray from these pointers and you’ll be sure to have a fun, sociable and stylishly safe Freshers. And who knows, if you follow our tips you might be snapped by The London Tab to feature on the website’s street style section – we’re always on the lookout!