UOL Student-Staff Solidarity demonstration causes cancellation of lectures for today

‘Their working conditions are our learning conditions’

The UOL Student-Staff Solidarity group took occupancy of The Ashton Building on Brownlow Street today to demonstrate in support of the UCU staff strikes, causing lectures to be cancelled for today.

The Tab Liverpool spoke to Kathryn Manley, a spokesperson for Student-Staff Solidarity and third-year UOL student studying Sociology and Social Policy. She explained that “We took part in the occupation today because it is important to stand in solidarity with striking staff. Their working conditions are our learning conditions.”

Kathryn also said that “Staff deserve their rightful pensions, better pay, as well as working conditions and equality in the workplace. As students, we believe that we should all support our staff as they are the ones who educate us and support us.”

She hopes that by “doing direct action, we are pressuring the university to support the demands made by the UCU when in consultation with UUK.”

If you wish to stand in solidarity with the staff strikes, they “will be out on the picket lines from 8 am for the rest of the ongoing strikes.”

The University of Liverpool has been contacted for a comment.