Leeds grad TikToker got £2k of drinks sent to him at Spoons and now he’s banned from TikTok

Wetherspoons is processing the refunds ‘as quickly as they can’

Just a few days ago the self-proclaimed “King of Leeds”, Tom Birchy, had a following of over 169.2k. Now, following an incident at a Wetherspoons in Leeds, it would seem that the King has been dethroned.

Birchy’s TikTok account has been deleted and he has been removed from Leeds Student Group on Facebook after claiming one of the staff member’s at the Golden Beam “decided to steal from hundreds of [his] followers for no gain to herself other than less walking for her staff”.

Birchy, renowned for sharing his life as an entrepreneur online, asked his loyal fan base to send him and his table at the Golden Beam food and drinks, but nobody could have predicted the £2,000 order that ensued.

In his now-removed TikTok videos, Birchy complained that Wetherspoons refused to fulfil the orders of his fans including the “scrambled eggs” and the “ancient whiskies”. Not only did he allege that Wetherspoons denied refunding his paying fans, but he insisted that his fans email Wetherspoons with their complaints of what he claimed was “scamming”.

While Birchy declined to comment, Wetherspoons responded to the debacle that quickly gained traction on both TikTok and Facebook.

A spokesperson for Wetherspoons told The Leeds Tab: “On the night in question, a customer in the pub broadcast the table number he was sitting at on social media and asked his followers to send him food and drink via the Wetherspoon Order and Pay app, even though they were not present in the pub with him. The customer has over 170,000 social media followers and very soon the pub was overwhelmed by orders to his table, including a large number of alcoholic drinks.

“This slows down service for the pub’s customers. It is also contrary to the company’s responsible drinking policy, which is designed to promote the statutory licensing objectives, an important part of the pub licensing system.

“As a matter of common sense, it is undesirable for customers to build up a large number of drinks on their table at any one time.

“The customer was informed that there was too much alcohol being ordered to his table and the pub would not fulfil any other orders. We understand at this stage, he asked his followers to send drinks to other tables.

“Refunds could not be processed on the day and are currently being processed for the food and drink not delivered. We are working through the refunds as quickly as we can, but due to the volume, there may be some delay.”

So, in the eyes of the Golden Beam, it seems the “King of Leeds” is not so golden at all.

If you’re missing Tom’s ramblings, he’s made a new TikTok account basically just to moan about the other one being deleted.

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