Don’t freak out, but you can now buy recycled Champion Leeds uni sweatshirts

Edgy and repping uni? Yes please

If a gold University of Leeds signet ring wasn’t enough, you can now buy recycled Champion Leeds sweatshirts.

There’s nothing that screams uncool more than waltzing around campus in an official Leeds uni hoodie. Everybody knows that. But sometimes you still want to rep your uni but maintain a certain level of social standing. So, a new brand have launched a range of Leeds Uni merch made from recycled Champion sweatshirts, and they’re so much better than the quarter-zips you can cop from Gear in the Union.

Co-founders of theApparel, Daniel Lee and Yousif Alawoad who are two recent graduates, have launched a brand new range of sweatshirts that they call the uni:form which they say brings to the forefront what it means to be a student at a British university: “understated style with overstated attention to quality”.

Oh so cool

What is theApparel?

Founded by ex-students, one of which went to Leeds, theApparel are trying to make uni gear cool and wearable. When speaking to The Tab Leeds, they said: “theApparel has a vision of finally creating a sense of belonging to the university you attend or attended by producing university apparel that is wearable, sustainable and affordable.

“For too long university clothing has not matched the experiences students feel while there. The over-priced and fundamentally uncool standard hoodies and jumpers sold by the university SU’s aren’t just unappealing, they are frankly offensive and entirely don’t reflect the culture of the universities they represent.”

They’ve launched exclusively with Bristol and Leeds with the aim that the uniform range expands to as many universities as possible making it a staple of the UK uni student’s wardrobe.

Georgia Cook, a third year student, in her sweatshirt

They’re trying to encourage sustainability

theApparel told The Tab Leeds: “This generation of students have rightly noted the dangers of climate change and the necessity for each one of us to do our part in helping mitigate the climate crisis. In June 2020, the Students Organising for Sustainability group conducted wide reaching research that concluded that 88 per cent of students are ‘fairly or very concerned about climate change’.

“The popularity of Depop and thrift shops amongst the student population has shown that people care about recycling clothes and not funnelling money into large corporations.

“We have secured a supply of Champion’s eco sweatshirts which are made from 50 per cent recycled polyester made out of recycled plastic bottles. We also keep packaging to an absolute minimal and the little packaging we do use is made entirely from recycled materials. Also, we only order stock to order which means that dirty carbon trucks don’t need to deliver goods that we don’t need!”

Leo Goot, first year student at Leeds

How can you get involved?

Anyone that buys a sweatshirt can become a theApparel Ambassador, allowing you to get a referral code to dish out to your friends and peers to use on the website which gives them £3 off their order. When someone buys a sweatshirt using your code, you’ll get 10 per cent commission per sale, which means the more your mates use it, the more money you make.

theApparel also told The Tab Leeds they’re open to making society merch: “If you’re a committee member for a sports club/society at uni and would like some customised, stylish and sustainable merch get in touch”.

You can email them at [email protected]. You can shop online at and you can support them by following their Instagram.