You can now buy Leeds Uni signet rings and its the most ‘edgy Leeds’ thing we’ve ever seen

The LUU fleece is old news: Leeds Uni golden rings are just £500

We’ve seen it before; hordes of raspy-voiced, Depop wearing students comparing family heirloom signet rings in the queue for Beaverworks. But what if their rings were all emblazoned with the University of Leeds’ coat of arms and not that of their Knighted great-great-grandfather? Well, now they can be.

Yep, that’s right. Your uni crest is now available on gold and silver signet rings. They’re perfect for the fashionable and edgy student that thinks buying a thirty-pound fleece or jumper from the Union is too mainstream. But, at £750 for the largest gold ring, £495 for a standard golden ring, and £115 for silver, you must be really proud of showcasing your time at Leeds to splurge on one of these rings which are an official collaboration between the University and Annotated studios.

As much as we hate how unapologetically posh this is, it’s actually pretty nice *shhhh* (Image: Annotated studios)

To be fair, the rings are top quality. You can get them personalised with your honours, and engraved with the year ‘2020’ on the side to commemorate finishing your dissertation with god-knows how many mitigating circumstances thanks to trying to graduate during a global pandemic.

But, no end-of-semester Beaverworks to go to and £7 double vodkas to buy means we all have a little more of our loan left over during lockdown. So, that silver signet ring might be a more affordable option for some of us (still ridiculous). For the same price tag as the gold one, you could buy around 80 LUU mugs to give to your whole extended family and still have enough left over to stock your cupboards for a lifetime. So, the purchase of a boujee signet ring to realise your edgy-Leeds dreams might be one of the less wise decisions for any unemployed post-grad looking forward to paying off their debt for the next thirty years or so.

Here are some design variations, all omitting obscenely posh vibes (Image: Annotated Studios)

The luxurious ring option is for only the most elite of Leeds’ Uni students. The 18.5mm Golden Oversized Signet Ring retails at £750.00 and is only on offer for famous Leeds Alumni like Mark Gatiss, or any posho that needs a new look. That’s a bit of a joke, but seriously. That’s two months rent.

Leeds Uni have done a marketing masterclass by jumping on board with these signet rings, as they’ll have most of Leeds’ southern contingent splashing the cash in no time. If our years at Leeds Uni have taught us anything, its that our privately-educated friends from down south can’t resist an LUU Fleece. So, for those posh that want to be a bit more subtle about their love for the Leeds crest, these signet rings are the natural progression.

But honestly, we really hope we don’t see one of these cutting about in Hyde Park in the new academic year.

You can view the collection on Annotated Studios’ website.