Here’s how Leeds students can climb for free at this new climbing gym

They serve fresh coffee and sometimes even play D&B

Whilst most of us were stuck in a strange sort of limbo over lockdown, young entrepreneurs from York, Gregor and Joe were working away on an exciting project of their own: creating a brand new climbing gym called Last Sun Dance.

What’s more, they’re offering a free climb to anyone with a valid student ID.

A beautiful sight to behold

Last Sun Dance is currently offering free climbing for all Leeds students to get people up and running (almost literally) in their new climbing and bouldering space, which is perfect for those new to the sport or getting back into it after a long lockdown break. All you need to do is bring a valid student ID and they’ll kit you out with anything else you might need. (Although you will need to bring a mask for when you’re not climbing!).

You’ve got until the end of October to pop down to the gym at 21 Felnex Close, LS9 0TN to give it a go, just check their online capacity-counter on their website. Last Sun Dance also has a large gym area and are currently waiting for their own bar license to go alongside their incredible ethically-sourced and locally-roasted coffee! (No, you can’t climb over the limit). Don’t forget that due to Covid, changing rooms and showers are closed, so come armed with deodorant.

Looks pretty chill

For those of you who already climb in Leeds, you might be wondering why it is worth the slightly longer journey out to Last Sun Dance as opposed to The Lab or The Big Depot. The major difference is that Last Sun Dance is an adult-only gym as they don’t offer kids clubs, kids parties or groups. This means they can play a wider range of music music and set better routes for adults. You may even hear the occasional expletive in their songs! If that sounds up your street then expect to hear some chill electronic music in the day before it tends towards more D&B as the day goes on.

The Tab Leeds spoke to Gregor to ask him how he came about setting up a gym: ‘”It was crazy, we weren’t even aware most of the time of what was going on in the real world, just working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week [over lockdown]”.

Having managed other gyms in his hometown of York, Gregor decided to create his dream climbing gym, with his partner Joe, that matched his vision.

After the end of October, Last Sun Dance will be charging £5/day for students. They also offer a £24/month student membership with no sign up fee .

So get yourself down to see their creation, whether you’re new to climbing or already chalked-up, they have routes for everyone to try.

Check out their website here.