International “chaos fetishizer” group behind THAT racist ‘Leeds student’ Instagram post

They posed as a student and framed the University of Leeds to further their anti-establishment goal

Posing as a prospective University of Leeds student, a group of 50 “high functioning chaos fetishizers who revel in seeing chaos” framed the university as racist for clicks and pleasure.

This is how it happened.

It all started yesterday,  when University of Leeds offer holder, Megan Calahan, posted a white square to her Instagram captioned “ALL LIVES MATTER #blackouttuesday #alllivesmatter #whiteouttuesday”.

Another post appeared on the same page saying she was “being harassed for sharing my views”, claiming her father made donations to the University of Leeds and the uni replied endorsing her support for All Lives Matter.

Obviously, this incited a whole lot of rage online, with people targeting Megan and the university.

People were outraged and Calahan’s posts were eventually flooded with over 120 angry comments with one user saying, “You allow racists to join your university????”

Another comment read: “I hope you educate yourself and stop doing things for clout”.

The post showed the University of Leeds endorsing racist behaviour and Megan exhibiting major Malfoy vibes

People even made group chats with Calahan to express disgust at her racist behaviour.

She just started making jokes about slavery.

Calahan expressed her racist views in an Instagram group chat

The University of Leeds quickly released a statement confirming the image in which they allegedly said “we look forward to seeing you in September,”  was fake.

The social media team say they have never had contact with Megan Calahan, and that they support the Black community.

Voila, the whole thing appeared to be put to bed.

Anyone would think this was a simple story of a racist individual faking a response to save their university place and their dignity. But it’s about to escalate very quickly.

Leeds uni tweeted the social media team have never heard of Megan

It turns out, a global network of individuals targeted the University of Leeds for the pure thrill of it.

We messaged the Instagram account to find out what Megan had to say for herself, and got a reply from a group of “money laundering chaos fetishizers” working in Europe, Eastern Europe, America, and South Korea (according to them).

They confirmed all posts made that day were a result of their “rage” project. Despite their post, they say they “have no racist beliefs”, are actually “strong advocates of the black lives matter movement”, and are only interested in laundering small amounts of money and causing outrage online.

One person behind the account said: “This account is fake, the group behind this account are high functioning chaos fetishizers who revel in seeing chaos #Soros #QANON”.

The hashtags are in support of far-left and far-right anti-establishment movements (we had to Google them too).

Didn’t expect that wild response ngl

For a bunch of shady low-key criminals, they spoke pretty openly with us, even when asked incriminating questions.

The account was purchased on the dark web, and the group confirmed both controversial posts were made by them but the previous posts (including one of “Megan” in her Fiat 500) belong to the original owner.

“Megan Calahan” was a random name generated online and they “do not hold an offer at any university because we are not real”. Okay.

Why Leeds? Though they’ve never been to Leeds themselves, apparently it was “the first university that came to mind”, so clearly we really are worldwide legends.

When asked if they felt guilty about targeting the Uni of Leeds they acknowledged making the lives of staff more difficult: “To the University of Leeds we would like to say that we were not targeting them specifically, we hope that the people who are running their social media accounts are not unpaid volunteers we do understand they may have had to deal with a large volume of users contacting them”.

Despite this, the American said they do not feel bad for using controversial and personal subjects to generate rage, chaos, and a herd mentality resulting in their posts being widely shared. Just as others enjoy the rush of partaking in drama, they “just like  inciting it” and “personally lack the ability to feel bad about anything”.

Actually a bit creepy now hun

We asked if the Paypal account was the original user’s and they confirmed they use it to “launder a small amount of money, clicking the link in the bio and sending money from a separate account creates a money trail that is legitimate at first glance”. But money is only an element of their efforts to bring down the establishment, with their main goals being to incite rage, chaos, and for their posts to gain attention – hence the term “chaos fetishizers”.

The American member of the group told us: “We don’t have an ultimate goal, our goals are always very short term, one goal of the current project was to incite rage. One of our group members wanted us to incite violence as we believe that riots in the UK be greatly benefit the people”.

So, all in all, a wild ride.

We did some digging and the real ‘Megan Calahan’ is out there somewhere near Maidstone, probably driving her teal 2017 Fiat 500, blissfully unaware of the chaos her face caused online.