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I swapped cans of soup for four free beers to help food poverty in Leeds and life has never been better

A soup-er trade (sorry not sorry)

Camden Brewery were in Leeds today as part of their "Can-for-Can" swap scheme, where Leeds residents can swap their unneeded food items for beers.

The scheme is designed to help tackle rising food poverty in the UK, at the same time as saving our suffering student bank accounts.

Alcohol is well known as the lifeblood of students worldwide, so naturally I headed straight down there to pick up some free beers for a good cause.

The scheme accepts a swap of canned food (soup, beans, spaghetti hoops, etc.) for cans of their new Harvest Hells Lager. With four cans of lager available per person, they'll donate the cans of food they receive to local food banks in Leeds, and up and down the country.

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Handsome helpers handing out heaps of Harvest Hells

Hearing the good news, I nipped down to the corner shop and picked up four cans of soup for a grand total of £3, less than the price of the average pint. To make it even better, the RRP of a can is £2, so I've managed to save myself a fiver. A fair trade if you ask me, all for a great cause.

Not only that, Camden Brewery are also donating 20p from every can sold in the first month to The Felix Project, a charity that collects and delivers surplus food to places that can provide healthy meals for vulnerable people.

They'll be at the Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool tomorrow to round off their tour of the UK blessing us all with the gift of beer.