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A final farewell to Canal Mills, Leeds’ most iconic club

Not sure whether to be happy or sad?

Canal Mills, aka Canal Pills, has been the home to debatably, some of the best nights out and day events in Leeds for the past six years. Sadly, the time is approaching for the iconic club to shut its doors for the final time after their HUGE New Year event at the end of December.

Rather than crying, (or punching the air with happiness if you really hated the place), read this collection of the good, the bad and the ugly of people's experiences at the infamous mill.

The wine drinker

I was shouted at by the bouncers for getting very wine drunk, taking my top off and tying my shirt around my chest a la Dolly Parton. – Jozef

Taking the piss

Well the queues for the girls toilets tend to get super long so the first time I ever went to Canal Mills me and my bestie pissed behind a table that was in that big smoking area and got away with it. But then we went again recently and this time were a lot more obvious actually, not even behind a table, just in the corner of a very busy outside area pretty much in front of everyone but hey ho we got away with it again! – Layla

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Pissing inside the club

My friend was so gone he actually took a piss up the wall in the R&B section inside thinking it was the urinal and we had to drag him out hahahah. – Emily

The girl who takes Freshers' Week WAY too far..

The time I got knocked unconscious during Freshers' Week, groovy times… gotta start off with a bang. – Izzie

The boy who says he doesn't like Canal Mills but loves it really

I'm not sure what it is about the place, it's full of freshers and I once had to queue over an hour to get to the bar, but as soon as someone asks me if I want to go Mixtape I genuinely cannot resist. – Dan

The girl who pretends she is sad about Canal Mills closing, but has actually only been once in her life

Canal Mills is just one of those places which you hear about all the time, but you never actually go. I have only been once and it was very fun, but also similar to other clubs too so I'm still a bit confused why there is such a hype. Of course, when Canal Mills announced their closure and the whole city went into mourning I had to join in, but secretly I wasn't that fussed. – Megan