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Every struggle you can relate to if you’re the only single friend in your friendship group

Seriously, why does no one love me?

Being that single friend in your group can suck. You try to be happy for your loved-up, all-be-it cringy as fuck best mates, but the bottom line is you are bitter, alone, and secretly wishing you had a bae too. Here is every struggle you can relate to if you're the only single friend in your friendship group.

1. You will ALWAYS be the third wheel

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…or the fifth, or the seventh…

2. "I can't come sorry, I'm with my boyfriend!"

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This will be the automatic response when asking them to do anything, ever.

3. Or, "Is it okay if *insert partner's name here* comes?"

No, it isn't KAREN, this was supposed to be a girl's night.

4. Your loved-up friends will always try and set you up with any other single friend they have

"Oh you're single? I have a friend who is single too!" as if we are a rare breed.

5. You will always be the designated Instagram photographer

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…and you will have to stand there awkwardly as they pose in front of you.

6. Seeing everyone else in love makes you feel all the more lonely

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Seriously, why does no one love me?

7. You will have to pretend you didn't just witness their awkward PDA

Okay yes, I get it, you're in love, but you don't have to give me a live show.

8. You will NEVER have anyone to hoe with

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Hoeing by yourself can be a lonely and dangerous game.

9. You have to listen to them complain about their relationship problems

And when you're done giving advice, they will say, "you're so lucky you're single."

10. And although you may constantly complain about being single as you begin to run out of super likes on Tinder on a Monday night, deep down, you LOVE being the single care free friend

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Lol jokes, being single sucks. Can someone date me pls?