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American reactions to a classic British uni room will make your Freshers’ Week

“Your room’s not cute, slut.”

With another year of bright eyed, bushy tailed, naive freshers pouring through the system, there comes another year of cracking relatable British tweets from Yorkshire and Scottish Twitter.

An American students' freshers experience probably differs greatly from our week long bender in the rainy north (God mum, it really didn't look that much of a shit hole on open day).A week that permanently scars your bank account, involves very little sport (unless you're a rugby lad) and probably involves your first (or ninth) encounter with ketamine. But perhaps regardless of cultural differences, US and UK students both share that burning desire to move away from home and become young, independent and knee deep in debt.

Finally after years of having to put up with sharing your personal space with your unbearable siblings and family, uni comes with the privilege of having your own room, and the first thing you're dying to do upon arrival is make your room all cutesy so you can post it on Instagram before it becomes a mild form of crack-den.

You'll go to wilko's (or Croydon Ikea if you're from a Surrey private school) and suddenly realise your true calling in life is to be an interior designer. And if you're an extra hard nut who likes to live life on the edge, you'll go against the common accommodation "anti fairy lights" rule and turn your digs into a Leeds rendition of Blackpool illuminations and royally piss off your flatmates with your electricity bill, exclaiming you'll "buy them a pint" to make up for it.

However, this guy obviously knows the stark British reality of how "cute" your flatmates room REALLY is:

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This may be somewhat true and equally hilarious, but the meme account that posted this tweet happened to have a largely American audience, which made it 10x funnier. We don't do frat parties and High School Musical guys. And judging by these following comments, no. I don't think your great aunt's cousin Stan from San Fran is gonna enjoy a night out in Beaverworks. Have a read of what our trans-atlantic cousins thought:

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Maybe Lauren thinks it's a firework?

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Is it though? Is it really?

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She'll make an absolute banging cuppa tea mate.

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Kyle hun, you're really not missing out on much x

But? We speak the same language?

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Try speaking Yorkshire Edie.

Perhaps we should create some kind of exchange program for American students, and design an intensive North of England cultural understanding course, where you have to drink a pint of gravy for initiation and recite at least 5 of Paddy McGuiness's puns from Take Me Out. I think they'd book an early flight home.