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We asked Manchester students what they think of Leeds, and here’s what they said

Apparently, we all love ket and glitter

A little competition is healthy. Manchester and Leeds will always be rivals. But will we ever be able to settle this debate? Probably not.

We went ahead and asked Manchester students what their first thoughts were when they heard of Leeds. We investigated their Leeds experiences and even asked them what they think of the Leeds dating scene.

Of course, all of them preferred Manchester. However, they did have some interesting comments on the Leeds drinking scene, boys and even our beloved Maccies.

Izzy, 2nd year, Architecture, Manchester School of Architecture

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"I saw Ross from Friends there [Leeds] and it was sick! Everyone was really kind, and the city felt a bit fancier than Manchester."

Someone take Izzy to Canal Mills and see if she still thinks Leeds is fancy.

Izzy's friend, who is at Manchester, said she'd prefer to go to Leeds "because the boys are more attractive".

We are the fourth most swiped right city on Tinder after all.

Mia, 3rd year, Law and Politics, University of Manchester

"I've definitely heard the stereotype that everybody takes ket, but I live in Fallowfield, and pretty much everyone does ket here too. I've also heard that Leeds is the gonorrhoea capital of the UK, or at least it used to be."

Unfortunately, we were struck with a gonorrhoea outbreak in 2015, but thankfully, we no longer hold that title. However, freshers, I'd still advise that you use a condom.

Jess, 3rd year, Ethics, Manchester Metropolitan

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"I've been to York, which if I am right, is quite close by? All I got whilst I was there was that the accent was very northern."

That's because we're in the North, hun. And yes, it is nearby, although there is less glitter and more greenery.

Jess also said: "I think there is a big sense of community in Manchester too. Regardless of where you are from, everyone is accepted and embraced."

Clearly Jess has never been in the girl's toilets of Fruity.

Aidan, 2nd year, Business and Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan

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I think we can see why Aidan likes Manchester

"It's a good night out. Although, I did spend about four hours in Maccies."

In our defence, the queue for Maccies on Merrion Street is always full of hungry drunk people.

Marin, 3rd year, Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan

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Do I see glitter? Are you sure she's not from Leeds?

The first thing to spring to mind for Marin when she hears of Leeds is, "booze and drinking. Leeds United is the football team my Granddad supports, so that too. Also, I used to live with an absolute psycho from Leeds who terrorised me and my fellow Midlanders."

The relatable struggle of being from the Midlands at uni.

Marin also heard we like ket and glitter. I cannot confirm or deny those rumours, after all, we are known as edgy Leeds.

Laina, 2nd year, Spanish and Russian, University of Manchester

Leeds students are, apparently, "Manchester wannabes."

Laina's heard "it's quite crime ridden for students, but a fun place to be and good for vegan food." She's literally described Hyde Park in a sentence.

However, Leeds is missing "Antwerp Mansion, Hidden, and bumble bees."

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Well, there you have it. The debate is finally settled.

Of course, all Manchester students prefer Mannie and all Leeds students love Leeds. We both just love to talk shit about eachother.

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